Barutsuz ‘silah’ artık daha hızlı

Barutsuz ‘silah’ artık daha hızlı

SDU Faculty Member Dr. Öksüz and his team managed to increase the speed of the system, which can throw the metals put into it with electromagnetic system instead of gunpowder, from 300 meters per second to 500 thousand meters per second.

Prof. Dr. Isparta Süleyman Demirel University (SDU) Faculty of Arts and Sciences Department of Physics Professor. Dr. Lütfi Öksü and his team increased the speed from 300 meters to 1,500 meters per second by developing the system that can throw the metals put into it with an  electromagnetic system instead of gunpowder  .

Professor Dr. Öksüz, in a statement to AA correspondent, said that they established a company within the scope of SDU Lake District Technocity 5 years ago, where they carried out activities on R&D. Öksüz stated that the main topics of his research are plasma systems, nanotechnology and electromagnetic systems and that they recently gave weight to electromagnetic systems.

Öksüz stated that they started the “electromagnetic launch system” project about 9 months ago and stated that they applied force to any material with the electromagnetic waves created with this system and that the material was launched at a certain speed.

Öksüz stated that they had previously developed a coil type electromagnetic launch system and that they could send an object 300 meters away with only electromagnetic power without gunpowder, and continued their efforts to increase this speed.

“This system is 30 times faster”

Expressing that they have developed the system on the rail system within this scope, Öksüz said:

“The current given to the coil creates an electromagnetic wave here. This wave provides current to the material to be thrown in the coil system and the material is thrown as a result of interaction. In the rail system, the material to be thrown between the rails provides the contact of the two rails. At this stage, the current applied to the rails creates a magnetic field. and there is direct interaction here, so it throws the material faster than the coil system. “

Öksüz emphasized that it is possible to exceed the speeds that can be reached in the coil type system thanks to the rail-type launch system, and continued as follows:

“These systems are systems that can be used in the defense industry. They can be used for both attack and defense. They can also be used for the launching of the satellite launch and trains on the rail. We are quite efficient and repeatable systems. We reached 300 meters / second in our previous system. Our speed in this system is a thousand It was 500 / second. “

150 thousand dollars spent

Öksüz explained that electromagnetic launch systems are examples in the USA and Russia

, and their speeds can reach 8-10 thousand meters per second 123 com setup

Öksüz, who stated that he spent approximately 150 thousand dollars for this system, added that much more investment should be made in order for the system to work in full capacity in the defense industry.