Prof. Dr. Lütfi Öksüz ve ekibinden elektromanyetik fırlatma sistemi

Prof. Dr. Lütfi Öksüz ve ekibinden elektromanyetik fırlatma sistemi

Professor Dr. Lütfi Öksüz and his team have developed an invention that will shake up the arms industry. Instead of gunpowder , it has developed a system capable of throwing 500 meters of metal with electromagnetic energy.

Süleyman Demirel University (SDU) Faculty of Arts and Sciences Department of Physics Professor. Dr. Lütfi Öksüz and his team have developed a system that can throw the metals put into it with 500 meters of electromagnetic energy instead of gunpowder.

Professor Dr. Öksüz explained that they carried out activities on R&D in the companies they established 5 years ago within SDU Lakes Region Technopolis. Explaining that the main subjects of his research are plasma systems, nanotechnology and electromagnetic systems, Öksüz said that they exported some systems they produced abroad and received positive feedback.

5-10 times faster

Öksüz stated that they started the “electromagnetic launch system” project about 3 months ago. “It can be 5-10 times more than the impulses.”


Expressing that the current speed of their system is 300 meters per second, Öksüz stated that the speed of their counterparts abroad is 3 thousand meters per second and that they can reach this speed if they are developed. Öksüz continued as follows: “Under normal conditions, solid fuels such as gunpowder and liquid fuels are used for launch. They act according to the law of reaction. its production is not environmentally friendly but its consumption is not environmentally friendly, it can harm those who use it, but our electromagnetic launcher eliminates these problems las mejores plumas 3d

TOP, Missile, Tank Beam …

This system is capable of throwing anything you can think of. It can be a gun, a missile, a tank bullet. You can increase the number of launches with the system. Gunpowder will no longer be used with the electromagnetic launch system. Instead, we will be able to use electromagnetic energy. From now on, the weapons to be used in the defense industry will be weapons using electromagnetic launchers. Work on mounting them on ships continues in the world. Stating that lasers and electromagnetic launchers will be of great importance in the war technology of the future. ” Orphan’

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